About Moonstreet

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. My name is MOONSTREET and I am from Ireland.

I originally created a freewebs site 2006 as an online scrapbook about me and my travels to see Michael Jackson. MJJSTREET has evolved from that simple site and is now a permanent tribute to Michael Jackson.

Between 2002 and 2010 I lived and worked in Munich, Edinburgh and London. I originally trained as a chef and this gave me the opportunity to travel and work in the catering industry. I currently live in Dublin.

You may be wondering about my name, well here is how I created it.

MOONwalker  - Michael's autobiography and film

STREETwalker - unreleased song included for the first time on the album BAD special edition

My favorite film is not; surprisingly; Moonwalker but TITANIC although it is a close second

I have been an active member of the Michael Jackson fan communities both online and in real life since approx 1998. As well as meeting fans on my travels to see Michael, I have been a member of many different fan sites and forums, starting way back with MJIFC, PLANET JACKSON, MJNI, MJWORLD NETWORK, MJJFORUM, KOPBOARD and the more recent ones MJJCOMMUNITY, MAXIMUM JACKSON, MJJBOARD, POSITIVELY MICHAEL and the forum on Sonys Official Michael Jackson site michaeljackson.com. I am also active on Twitter and Facebook. My name is the same everywhere, MOONSTREET

I have three tattoos, one on my left shoulder blade on my back, my version of the Neverland symbol, one on the top of my left shoulder, the dancing feet from NUMBER ONES album with Michael's name underneath and one on my right shoulder blade, KING OF POP FOREVER

I suppose you would call me one of those quirky types of people. I’m sarcastic, opinionated with a dark sense of humour. I love reading and have a wide range of interest from thriller, mild horror to romance and biography. I love to travel and collecting things. Some things I collect are Hard Rock Cafe merchandise and pins, and Disney merchandise, books, DVDs.

I love anything pink and sparkly, and fairies and Tinkerbell are sort of my signature thing.

I also love to dance. When I was in school, up to the age of 21, I used to do competitive Irish dancing, think Riverdance and Lord of The Dance. I took street-dance classes for a year around 2004 and now I try to do dance fitness DVDs whenever I can.

I’m also addicted to reality TV, anything and everything from Big Brother to X FACTOR to those programs which follow real life work places like hospitals etc.

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