Michael Jackson London June 2002 - Day 4 June 15


Day 4 June 15

As Jenny’s hotel was near Michael’s hotel, we went there early in the morning. We were not expecting to see Michael, but we wanted to meet up with other fans.

After a while we started making our way to the Sony buildings on Great Marlbough Street. Fans were gathering there from 12 pm. Michael was not expected to be there, but all the fans wanted to make a statement to SONY about Invincible album.  Fans had traveled from all over Europe and there must have been about 500 fans there, on the street outside the SONY building. There was a great atmosphere, fans chanting and singing, and some fans dancing. The demo was organised by UK fan club MJNI with the support of many European fan clubs like ANGEL and THE MAGICAL CHILD.

The plan was just to hang out at the demo for a while and then head over to Leicester Square at around 1.30 pm for Killer Thriller Party. The tickets said 2.00 pm.

At around 1 pm a rumour went round that Michael was coming to the demo. OMG really??? This we did not expect. We knew he was going to Killer Thriller, so we did not think that he would come to the demo too.

Some people were going to leave to go to Leicester Square but once word spread that Michael was on the way, the atmosphere changed and no one wanted to leave.

Suddenly at the far end of the street, we heard screaming and we saw a bus coming up the street. OMG, Michael on an open top bus!! It got really really crazy very quickly. Fans surrounded the bus, Michael was just there, outside the Sony building, with us, chanting SONY SUCKS!!  Jenny and I decided to stay where we were. We were at the front of the barrier and we knew the bus had to drive past us.  It was sooo insane, the screaming, the chanting, fans running everywhere.

Eventually the bus made it up the street to where we were. OMG!!! Michael was right in front of us, the bus stopped and he was just there, it was amazing, to be sooo close to him, and to be part of the something so crazy. The bus moved again and we got carried along with the crowd. Everyone just followed the bus along the street. I have never experienced anything like it. Michael was loving every minute of it. It got really insane when he made a dive over the side to get a banner. I was near the bus, and I just couldn't believe what he was doing.

Eventually the bus turned off the side street we were on and onto Oxford Street, the main shopping street in London. Well we just continued on after it. It was the most insane thing ever. Michael Jackson, on an open top bus, surrounded by about 500 screaming fans on Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon!!!  We ran up Oxford Street after the bus but we couldn't keep up.  Somehow Jenny and I managed not to lose each other. I just remember seeing the bus disappear up the street, realizing that we were on Oxford Street, and thinking, omg, what the hell just happened!!

We had lost track of time and totally forgotten about getting to Leister Square! It was now nearly 2pm so we had to run down Tottenham Court Road. Some European fans had no idea how to get to the venue, so they followed us.

When we got to Leicester Square it was chaos. There was a huge queue all the way down the Square.  It seemed that most fans had heard about Michael being at the demo and everyone had been there, instead of taking their seats at The Equinox. As a result, everyone from the demo was now queuing to get into the show.

2 pm came and went and we were still queuing. They couldn't start the show as half the audience was still not in the venue. It was total chaos. Jenny and I had to collect our tickets at the door as we were not from UK.  It was very disorganised, and we just made it into the venue as the show started, 1 hour behind schedule.  Some fans were not so lucky and were not let in as the show had started.

I must say though, we had great seats, row 9 on the ground floor , on the right side of the stage, thanks to one of the UK fans I knew who worked for MJNI.

Killer Thriller Fan party was just like the other fan parties MJNI had organised, except that Michael was there. He sat in the balcony on the same side of the stage as our section. . Unfortunately our seats were just a bit too near the stage to see him.

The show was a typical MJNI show. Robin Melzer was host, and the majority of the performers at performed at previous fan events.

List of performers

  • Angelina
  • Alex Burgos
  • Scott Clarke
  • Remy Chambers
  • Manojj
  • Miguel Deforo & MJ Prod
  • Mikki Jay
  • Bryton McClure
  • Danny Oliver
  • Russell Robinson
  • Ryan Saklofski
  • Jessica Towers
  • Earnest Valentino

The last performer as always was a professional tribute artist. At previous shows it was Navi but for Killer Thriller it was Earnest Valentino.  Michael watched ever performance. The atmosphere was amazing. I had been to other MJNI fan parties but this one was just on another level. The dancers and singers, knowing that Michael was watching them, had a new energy and precision to their performances.  

At the end of the show, Michael came onstage. He was presented with flowers and then something unbelievable happened. I think he just originally meant to thank the performers and MJNI but then he just started speaking about SONY. We couldn't believe what he was saying. It was totally incredible that he felt comfortable enough to just talk to us like that.

It was a totally private event, there was no media there. The tickets were not even on sale to the general public, you had to be a member of MJNI to buy tickets.

At the end of the show Jenny and I had left our seats and were heading toward the front of the building when we heard screams coming from where we had just left. Yes THOSE screams, omg, Michael was still in the building!! We tried to get back into the main area but by the time we reached the stage, he had gone.

We knew that we would not get to see him at the hotel, so we went and got some food and took our time going back to the hotel.

Again I couldn’t stay late as I had to go back to my sister’s house.


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