Michael Jackson London June 2002 - Day 5 June 16

 Day 5 June 16

Today was a rest day, ie a day when Michael didn't do anything. It was nice to just sit and chill with all the fans after the madness of the last 2 days.  I had brought my sleeping bag today as Jenny and I a few other fans decided to sleep out.

Sleeping outside Michael’s hotel is one of my most favorite things on Michael trips. This was a bit different to usual, we were actually just on the pavement, not on hotel grounds, but we were behind the barrier and there were about 10 of us. As well as me and Jenny, there were some Dutch fans and a Scottish fan.

As the evening turned into night, fans started leaving.  After a few hours it was just us left at the barriers so we got ourselves ready for the night.  We all had sleeping bags so we made our little area as comfortable as possible. 

The weather that night was very warm, a typical early summer’s night in London. As the hours went by the traffic eased and the very busy Holborn Road became quiet.  Little by little the chatter faded as we started to fall asleep. 

At about 3 am, when we were all quiet and most were asleep, we heard someone calling us and lights shining on us. Who was this disturbing us, didn't they know we needed rest!!!   OMG, its Hamid, Michael’s cameraman. Michael had heard fans were sleeping outside the hotel and he sent Hamid out to video us!!  Really Michael, couldn't it wait until morning.

Half asleep, we all sat up and “talked” to Michael, explaining where we were from and what we were doing and lots of other random things.  Well all except 1 girl, who wouldn't sit up and told Hamid she didn't want to be filmed as she had taken her makeup off, which of course he was recording.  Those messages we taped to Michael must have been soo funny, a group of half-asleep girls at 3am.

Hamid eventually leaves and we try to go back asleep. It’s strange, I never feel afraid sleeping out, even though we are on a street in the middle of London. It’s like Michael protects us and keeps us safe.

Waking up as dawn breaks, hearing the birds and the early morning sounds of London is one of my favorite memories. Knowing that Michael is just in the building beside us is such an amazing way to wake up.

One by one we all wake up and start moving.  We tidy up and put our sleeping bags away as other fans start to arrive.


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