Michael Jackson London June 2002 - Day 2 June 13

 Day 2 June 13

The next morning I come back and find out that Michael had gone to Hamley’s the night before.  It was total chaos when he left the hotel.  When Michael was in the hotel the main gates were kept closed. The gates opened and the car was surrounded.

It was even worse when he came back to the hotel. The car went through the gates and was immediately closed. This meant that only the fans who were at the gate saw him, about 20 people, even though there was about 200 or more fans there. Fans at the gate were crushed while those at the back didn't even see him.

When I got to the hotel that morning, there was a definite atmosphere. Fans were not happy about what had happened the night before.


In the afternoon Michael went out. Suddenly the gates opened and the car came out. It was insane. One minute I was sitting talking to Jenny and the next it was pandemonium. We had no idea what was going on. We were not getting information from anyone. Jenny decided to stay at the hotel, so I took off with the other fans.  There must have been at least 200 fans, probably more.  We stopped traffic on a very busy road in central London. Hundreds of fans all crowded around 1 car, fans everywhere, running, screaming. I stayed on the edge of the crowd, on the pavement; I knew there was no way I would get anywhere Michael.  Michael had the window down and was talking to fans who had managed to get to the car first.

I managed to keep up with the car, running with other fans on the pavement. I had no idea where he was going so I just wanted to stay with the car as long as I could. Eventually the traffic cleared and the lights changed and I couldn't run any further. I had no idea where Flea was, I had no idea where Michael was going, I had barely even seen him,  just the briefest glimpse as the car went past me.  Hot and out of breath I decided to go back to the hotel and find Jenny.

Back at the hotel, I saw Jenny sitting in the same spot. Bit by bit fans came back to the hotel as most people didn't know where he was going.  After about an hour we started hearing that he was at HMV but by then it was too late to get there.

We decided to stay where we were, as we knew he would eventually come back to the hotel.

When Michael came back to the hotel, it was just the same as the night before. The car went into the hotel and the gates were closed. Only the fans at the front saw him. Jenny and  I stayed at the back, out of the crush, but this meant that we did not see him.

The atmosphere that night was very tense. Fans were not happy that it seemed to be the same people all the time with Michael. There was defiantly a division in the fans, with some fans meeting Michael every time he left or entered the hotel, while many many fans could not even see him.

I didn't stay late this night as I had to get back to my sister’s house. 


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