Michael Jackson London June 2002 - Day 6 June 17


Day 6 June 17

As the morning goes by, the heat starts to rise. There are a lot of fans around today. At about 2 pm the gates open. Michael is on the move. As on other days, its total chaos. Fans are everywhere, in the middle of the street surrounding the car. There is very little information about where Michael is going being shared among the fans.

I try to run with the car but as I don’t know where he is going, I lose him at the end of the street.  I make my way back to the hotel and sit down beside Jenny. It’s really hot now, and I don’t feel so good. I tell Jenny I am going across the street to McDonalds for a while, out of the sun.  I get a cold drink and just sit in McDonalds but I really don’t feel well. I feel dizzy and have a headache. Exhaustion, not eating or sleeping properly and all the craziness of being at the hotel have finally caught up with me. 


I go back to the hotel and tell Jenny I have to go, I can’t stay at the hotel any longer today. She is surprised, as Michael hasn't come back yet, but she could see that I wasn't feeling well. I leave my sleeping bag with some fans who want to sleep out tonight. I tell them I will be back in the morning.

Luckily I knew my sister would be at her house and I just went straight there. She couldn't believe I was home so early. After talking to her for a while I fell into bed, totally exhausted.


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